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Houston Man Ordered to Pay Thousands in Child Support for Child That Isn’t Even His


One Texas man is being ordered to pay thousands in child custody for a child that isn’t his. Gabriel Cornejo of Houston has been ordered to pay $65,000 to an ex-girlfriend for late child custody payments for a 16-year-old. Cornejo

A New Hair Transplant Technique Discovered, and It Uses Fat Instead of Hair Grafts

Closeup young man serious hair loss problem for hair loss concept

For many, hair is directly related to a person’s self-confidence. While some people who have an excess of hair invest in laser hair removal, as this method can reduce hair around 20% to 30% per treatment every four to six

Cloud Computing Industry Sees Massive Surge in Mergers and Acquisitions


It’s no secret that digital cloud solutions are becoming an increasingly popular option for all kinds of businesses. In fact, 80% of cloud adopters see improvements within six months of moving to the cloud. Now, cloud-hosting firm Contegix is reaping

Managed Security Services Market Increasing In Demand, Experts Say


In the technology age, digital security is absolutely essential. Hackers can infiltrate virtually any device and access virtually any information they want to. And according to Lisa Detwiler, President of SSD Technology Partners, the demand for managed security services have

Seattle Man Uses Work Injury To Educate High Schoolers About Workplace Safety Importance


According to KOMO News, one Seattle man is using his unfortunate workplace injury as a way to educate children about the importance of workplace safety. Local man Matt Pomerinke lost his arm when he was just 21 at his first

Amazon’s New Patent Allows Retailers to Block Online Searches for Cheaper Products


Amazon has created a patent that isn’t going over well with their thousands of customers. Recently, the massive e-retailer has been granted a patent that will stop a shopper from comparing prices of an item in-store to one online. Typically,

Can of Hairspray Explodes in Vancouver Woman’s Car, Gets Lodged in Windshield


Most of the time, windshield damages are caused by pebbles, rocks, and other roadside debris. However, one unusual situation in Vancouver leaves experts warning drivers everywhere of an unexpected risk during the hot summer months — aerosol cans. Late last

Scientists Create the World’s First Organic Circuit Board Using Human DNA and Yeast Cells

Electronic circuit network grunge background

Until recently technology and biology were two separate entities. However, within the last few years, there has been more research than ever when it comes to technology and the human body working together. In particular, the circuit board and living

Food Labeled ‘Not for Human Consumption’ Allegedly Served at 4 Oregon Prisons

Prison interior

A class action lawsuit on behalf of former and current inmates of four Oregon state prisons alleges that they were served various foods marked “not for human consumption.” Only about 1% of civil cases reach trial in Federal courts today,

Study Shows Two Daily Cups of Coffee Reduces Risk of Liver Cancer


Researchers from the University of Southampton and the University of Edinburgh found that drinking two cups of coffee per day lowers the risk of liver cancer by one third, according to The Telegraph. Coffee is no doubt a popular drink