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Millennial Homeowners Changing Kitchen Remodeling Trends Without Second Glance

Modern bathroom

Across the nation, the top two most common remodeling jobs in 2015 were bathroom remodeling at 81% and kitchen remodeling at 79%. It looks like the kitchen remodeling trend is growing a bit more than bathrooms, and seems in to

Autonomous Vehicle Technology Getting More Road Time and Better Safety Features


Autonomous vehicles have been receiving a growing amount of media attention over the last year or so, and for good reason. Companies like Tesla, Google, Lyft, and a number of other tech and automobile giants have made huge strides in

The Amount of Millennials Living With Their Parents Grows to a 75 Year High


Even though 47% of Americans haven’t been able to update their home decor within the last five years, it looks as if some homeowners have to wait even longer to spruce up their home because their kids are moving back

Inauguration Weekend is Affecting Construction Timelines for Multiple DC Projects


Close to one million people will be flooding the streets of Washington, DC for the multiple women’s marches and Donald Trump’s inauguration this weekend. All of the traffic will certainly put the city’s streets to the tests, but the activities

Thousands of Veterans Looking For Help Are Becoming Addicted to Opioids, and The VA is to Blame


More than a decade of war in Afghanistan and Iraq has caused thousands of veterans nationwide to come home only to become addicted to opioids. What’s worse is that this addiction has been fueled in part by the United States

Pig the Dog Dances as Sugar Plum Fairy with Birmingham Ballet

The Birmingham Ballet’s annual holiday production of “The Nutcracker” is really going to the dogs. This year, their “Mutt-cracker” performance, featuring 29 canine dancers, included a standout performance from a dog named Pig, a three-year-old border collie mix who suffers

Data Breach Exposes Sensitive U.S. Army Doctor Information


Sensitive information from the U.S. military’s Special Operations Command (SOCOM) medical employees was exposed in a recent data breach. Over 11 GB of data was released and included information such as Social Security numbers and addresses from SOCOM staff members.

Florida Man Posed as Dentist, Performed Unlicensed Dental Procedures Without Anesthesia

Dental instruments and tools in a dentists office

A 53-year-old Florida man is now facing charges after practicing dentistry without a proper license. Procedures performed include tooth extraction without anesthesia and handmade dentures for patients who couldn’t afford specialized dental care. It’s not uncommon for people to have

Electoral College Ultimately Votes Trump To Be the 45th President of the United States


On Monday, Dec. 19, the Electoral College cast their votes to make the ultimate choice in our democracy — who would become president. While the electors generally agree with the popular vote when it comes to the President-elect, this was

Nissan’s ‘Rogue One’ Promotion Shoots for the Stars


Nissan’s promotional partnership with the newest Star Wars film, Rogue One, may have been somewhat unexpected, but ended up being a wild success for the car company. The partnership was announced in August and began with a stroke of luck