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Criminal Activity Surging Around the Country During the Holidays

The holidays are over but that doesn’t mean new gifts, money, and homes are entirely safe from theft. A burglary is committed every 15 seconds across the United States, but criminals attempt even more burglaries in the days and weeks

Millennials Are Showing An Increased Interest In Luxury Watch Brands

Everyone knows that millennials love technology. How could they not be infatuated with high-tech gadgets? After all, they developed and created the majority of tech out there. Along with social media and cool devices, there are a few other millennial

Research Shows Possible New Link Between Bacteria and Esophageal Cancer

New research shows certain types of bacteria that lead to periodontal disease may be associated with a higher risk of developing esophageal cancer. Esophageal cancer is the eighth most common cancer around the world, explained Jiyoung Ahn, PhD, an associate

First Living Organisms Able to Survive In Mars-Like Soil

Within its pores, soil stores about 0.01% of all the water on Earth. But what kind of storage capacity does soil have on Mars? We might be close to finding out. Scientists are closer than ever to finding out how

Tesla Announces Plans for Fully Electric Semi-Truck

Tesla has unveiled its new all-electric heavy-duty truck. According to Fortune, the Tesla Semi will feature a minimalistic look at the front of the cab with a central captain’s chair flanked by two high-tech display screens. This new electric semi-truck

Why You Should Prepare Your Windows (Not Your Wallet) For Winter Now

crassula flower in pot on windowsill

Winter is coming, so what better time than now to make sure your home is ready for the season by replacing your windows? Yes, you may have windows that you just replaced last year and those may be fine, but

Organization Leaders Abusing Power, Taking Advantage of Logistical Errors

The United State’s economy loses an estimated $7.4 billion per day (or 50 million hours) due to improperly filled out time sheets. Individual employees are usually behind any intentional errors, as a way to earn a few more pennies each

How To Measure Home Efficiency Levels In Used Homes

Of all the homebuyers who were on the market in 2016, only 14% decided to purchase a brand new home. That means that 86% of all buyers chose to purchase and move into a previously lived-in home. For the most

Hybrid-Electric Airplane Hitting the Sky In 2022

The United States currently accounts for 49.7% of the global private jet market, while Europe is in second with 20.8% market share. Private jets have been serving businesses in and out of the U.S. for years, but it looks like

San Diego Making Use of Sustainable Gardens To Conserve Water

At the headquarters of the San Diego County Water Authority, a new model of landscape practices is tucked between the corporate offices and condos of Kearny Mesa. The garden features an oasis decorated with graffiti stars, Santa Barbara daisies, and