Recent Study Shows Dish Cloths, Sponges Dirtier Than Toilets

  You might want to think twice about re-using that sponge the next time you wash your dishes

New research has found that dish cloths and kitchen sponges carry more germs than the average toilet.

According to a July 7 KSHB 41 article, UK researchers found that these germs include life-threatening bacteria like E-Coli. 90% of kitchen dishcloths possess some of the highest levels of bacteria in the entire world. Even more concerning is that 60% of the dishcloths studied were contaminated with E-Coli.

So before you use a dish cloth to wash your dishes or wipe down your counter, remember how germy it is. These germs will stay on your hands and will transfer to your and your family’s food when you handle it.

KSHB 4 conducted a survey among its viewers to find out how many people use germ-ridden dishcloths and sponges without regularly washing or switching them out.

The Kansas City station found that about half of those surveyed use dish cloths and sponges in the kitchen, but most reported they wash them every day or use a new one for each use. One viewer told KSHB she uses paper towels instead of dish cloths or sponges — not the most environmentally-friendly option.

To make your kitchen more sanitary, experts say you can boil or microwave your kitchen sponge for 15 minutes once every few days, which will kill off 99% of its bacteria. Your health — and the health of your family — may depend on it.

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