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Wedding Market Unlikely To Be Saved By An Improving Economy

The size of the millennial generation and a recovering economy may not be enough to save the wedding market. According to Forbes, the millennial generation’s choice to marry later in life may not be the true cause of the wedding

Millennials Are Actually Buying Homes Despite Common Stereotype

There are many stereotypes about millennials out there. People say they’re lazy, entitled, and they will never leave their parent’s houses. That is simply not true. Many millennials themselves actually fear that they will never be able to purchase a

Report Finds ‘Access Code’ Bundles Contributing to Increasing Textbook Costs

College textbooks are generally assigned by the professor of any given course. But despite the growing online market for discounted textbooks, the average cost of textbooks has risen four times faster than the inflation rate over the past decade. This

Sledding Indiana High School Student Died From Car Collision

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A high school student in Newburgh, Indiana died after being hit by a car while sledding Saturday night when she slid onto the road. The responding officers pronounced Davis Collier, 16, dead when they arrived at the scene at 10:00

IRS Comments on Buzz About Trump’s 2016 Tax Return

The public is roaring about President Donald Trump’s 2016 tax return. The Washington Post reports on the issue, telling us that Trump’s tax return for 2016 was just filed in October. All of the fuss is coming from the Republican

Buying a New Home? Be Careful Of ‘Greenwashing’

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You’re searching for a new home and you think you’ve come upon your ideal place. It’s the perfect size, has plenty of natural light, and you can picture all of your furniture perfectly adorning each room. Better yet, it is

Potential Alzheimer’s Miracle Treatment Derived From Diabetes Medicine

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A type 2 diabetes drug has shown significant effective memory loss reversal in mice, leading researchers toward a desire for human testing in the future. The drug, having already been approved for use in humans with type 2 diabetes, might

Americans Believe Texting While Driving More Dangerous Than Marijuana

Driving, Text Messaging, Telephone.

More Americans believe texting while driving is more dangerous than driving while under the influence of marijuana, a new survey shows. According to a Harris Poll conducted by Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, up to 98% of Americans believe

Construction Company Under Fire From OSHA After Employee’s 19 Foot Fall


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has fined a contractor in West Virginia for $86,000 for multiple safety hazards following a worker’s fall from a roof while on the job. Benco Builders of the Virginias Inc. has been cited

Online Businesses Urge FCC To Keep Net Neutrality

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Online businesses are urging the U.S. Government to keep Net Neutrality rules. A letter written to the Federal Communications Commission on Monday, November 27 noted several Internet businesses including Twitter, Tumblr, Etsy, Reddit, AirBnb, and Shutterstock were advocating the FCC