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Flexible Financing For Veterans Interested In Vegas Luxury At The Ogden

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Over 22 million veterans have achieved homownership through the VA Home Loan program, a special program run by the Department of Veteran Affairs for the United States armed forces. And quite a few of them seem to have taken up

How HR Technology Could Save Indian Corporations Millions

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Being a manager at a large company can be an exhausting experience, especially if one has to deal with employee and customer issues daily. The average workplace manager spends up to 40% of their time dealing with conflicts, whether that’s

VR Water Slides And Movie Star Pool Expansions – A Wild Start To The Summer

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This summer is turning out to be a waterslide heaven for the world, with many locations either opening up new water parks, creating new water slides, or celebrating the smoothest water slide exit some individuals have ever seen. All across

Hawaiian Bill Can Help Seniors Gracefully Age in Place


A first-of-its-kind health care bill has been passed in the state of Hawaii. The bill, known as Kapuna Care, is meant to help fund in-home care for seniors and is just waiting for the Governor’s signature to go into effect.

Researchers Discover New Anti-Aging Antioxidant

Scientists may have discovered a new treatment for aging and thinning skin. An antioxidant known as methylene blue has now been identified by researchers as a link in the reduction of wrinkles due to its ability to thicken the skin.

Entek Gag Order Overturned – State To Reveal Air Pollution

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Having a functioning and effective air system is important to the health and safety of workers in factories. It’s why 70% of all manufacturers have some form of compressed air system. Sadly, this doesn’t protect employees or residents from hazards

Chinese Groom Arrested for Paying 200 Actors to Show Up to His Wedding


A Chinese bride’s wedding, while one for the record books, did not turn out the way she hoped. It ended in tears, shock, and her fiance being arrested for fraud. Why did the dream wedding suddenly go so terribly wrong?

Charleston Animal Society Pushing For Independent Study On Carriage Tour Industry


Of all the cities that boast horse carriage rides as an attraction, Charleston certainly ranks toward the top of the list. In fact, Charleston earned the number one spot on Travel and Leisure Magazine’s “World’s Best Cities” list in 2016.

Adidas Sends Email With Most Awkward Subject Line In History


In recent business blunder news, the Adidas marketing team is recovering from an awkward faux pas after sending what was supposed to be a congratulatory email but instead ended up referencing and making light of a national tragedy. After the

This Oregon Company Produces Honey Infused With Cannabis


We all know that buying locally produced honey supports both local businesses and the environment, since bees are an essential part of our ecosystem and play a crucial role in the pollination of our crops and foods. And while North