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Russian-Linked Facebook, Google Ads Spur Brand Safety Anxieties In Advertisers


Online tech giants are under fire from advertisers after causing significant problems with brand safety. According to NBC News, Facebook recently handed up to 3,000 advertisements over to Congress. These ads, through which Facebook had received a total of $100,000

3 Essential Tips To Help Your Business Implement A Successful Work-At-Home Policy

Young woman with notebook

It may sound surprising, but about 57% of organizations view employee retention as a problem. That’s an underlying reason why more and more employers are developing flexibility when it comes to accommodating their employees’ work styles. For many, this means

Researchers Desperately Trying To Reduce Data Center Energy Consumption

Server room in data center. Telecommunication equipment

About 54% of energy consumption in commercial buildings is used to power HVAC and water heating systems. In particularly hot and cold regions, that number can be even higher. However, in recent years an entirely new industry has emerged as

SEC Suffers Breach, Hackers Potentially Obtain Corporate Information

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No matter how information is stored, it’s important that it is stored securely. Many individuals still rely on paper for their important information, despite the fact that identity theft is more common with paper documents. However, that is not to

Seniors Projected To Dictate Future Of Housing Market, Not Millennials


New projections from the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies suggest the housing market won’t be dictated by millennials, but seniors. Over the course of the next 20 years, Americans over the age of 80 will double in population size

3 Basic Ways To Boost Employee Engagement And Productivity


It’s no secret that keeping employees engaged and focused at work can be difficult, especially when they’re consistently presented with barriers and obstacles to overcome in their career. Each and every industry has its fair share of challenges when it

Petland Puppies Source Of Bacterial Infection Of 39 People, CDC Says


With cold and flu season on its way, many Americans have been preparing for the annoying symptoms of watery eyes, stuffy noses, and sore throats that can last up to 14 days. However, the last thing 39 people expected to

McCarran Airport Getting New Automated Security System

Airport Travel with Luggage and Airplane

Airport security can slow things down immensely. Long lines of people are a common sight at airports, with a lot of check points and security guards. That’s something one airport wishes to change. McCarran International Airport is automating its security

Roofs Collapse Under The Weight Of Rains From Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Sandy destruction

The roof of a property is essential to protecting the building itself. It’s there to keep the heat in and the cold out, and it also works to stop the rain from flooding in and ruining all the valuables inside.

San Diego Courts Will No Longer Offer Court Reporter for Family Law


The San Diego Superior Court has revealed plans to stop using court reporters in family law matters. The cut, which will take effect on Sept. 5, will include cases such as domestic violence restraining orders, divorce, and child custody. For