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This Oregon Company Produces Honey Infused With Cannabis


We all know that buying locally produced honey supports both local businesses and the environment, since bees are an essential part of our ecosystem and play a crucial role in the pollination of our crops and foods. And while North

A Nice Game of Curling in Russia — Played in Their Cars


Only in Russia can you see a game as simple and easy as curling be taken this far. But in this game hosted in the Urals city of Ekaterinburg, the normal stones sliding across the ice have been replaced with

According to the U.N, Working From Home Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Self employed business person working from home

Think that working from home is one of the best perks of any job? Well, it may be time to think again. Many employers and employees believe that working from home is a great way to boost productivity, have a

LED Lighting on Roads Could Have Serious lmpact on Wildlife

LED light

There are plenty of risks that come with driving, but one of the most serious risks is night travel. Not only are headlights blinding in the rearview, but flourescent street lights aren’t always enough to prevent a collision. While LED

Odd Trend: Men Get Stuck in Ductwork All Across the Country

Dust out from Air Duct, Danger and the cause of pneumonia in office man.

Over the past couple of months, a number of adventurous souls across the country have learned the hard way that the stunts you see in spy movies don’t always work out in real life. More specifically: very few fully grown

Sen. Hassan Grills Betsy DeVos Over IDEA During Her Confirmation Hearing

Courtesy of Carolyn Kaster / AP

Betsy DeVos inarguably challenges the status quo when it comes to education reform. While many politicians and American citizens alike were enraged when President-Elect Donald Trump announced the multi-billionaire as his pick for Secretary of Education, it was her confirmation

Malicious Software, Hackers Present New Threats For Google Account Holders and Cell Phone Users

People across the world rely on email accounts to keep in constant contact with others. And while we’d like to think that access to these accounts is secure due to the safeguards we’ve put in place, nothing could be further

Buying a Home in 2017? Prepare for These New Changes to the Housing Market

New house construction

Potential home buyers, be prepared. 2017 is shaping up to present a whole new experience for those looking to purchase a house, especially for the one-third who are first-time home buyers. First off, their mortgage rates will likely be higher

Mounting Evidence Reveals Wisdom Teeth Removal May Not Always be Necessary

Dental instruments and tools in a dentists office

While it’s common for adults to have their wisdom teeth removed, mounting evidence now suggests that the painful introduction to adulthood may not be necessary in a lot of cases. The most commonly given reasons for removing wisdom teeth are

New Website to Boost Online Marketing for Women-Owned Businesses


The women’s rights advocates of are planning to launch a website this month for consumers looking to support women-owned businesses across the globe. The website will allow users to search for a business by zip code or product. So