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Solar Eclipse Camping: There Are Still Spots In Unlikely Places


Family camping trips are still one of the most popular vacation options for Americans, with the number of days spent camping totally an incredible 534.9 million days as of 2011. However, this summer there is a once-in-a-lifetime reason to head

Realtor Purchases Mansion For $900,000, Lists For $1.9 Million

Real Estate Logo

There are a lot of benefits to getting adhesive floor coatings for homes or businesses. They protect flooring from chemicals and other threats, something that makes them extremely popular for industrial uses. Which is why the market is expected to

Nigerian Man Charged In School Teacher Phishing Scam


Identity theft is one of the most common crimes in the United States. In 2016, approximately one out of every 16 Americans were the victims of identity theft. On Thursday, August 3, the Federal Bureau of Investigation brought justice to

U.S. Senators Afraid the Internet of Things Will Turn on the Government

Secure internet  data processing concept

Today, about 68% of funds lost as a result of a cyber attack are unrecoverable, and in a world of increasing reliance on the internet for day-to-day life, cyber threats are more dangerous than ever. That’s something two U.S. lawmakers

Botox Seller Concerned Over Number Of Teenage Patients

Syringe Being Inserted into a Vial

Botox is a massive market, with an annual revenue of more than $2 billion and growing. However, despite the drug’s reputation as a balm for middle age, Botox has an unlikely new customer: teenagers. That’s right, many teenagers are now

OSHA Looking At New Shipyard Worker Protections

Building ship in a shipyard

There are more than 500,000 welders employed in the U.S. today, and chances are a few of them will be affected by OSHA’s new rules for shipyard workers. OSHA recently released a fact sheet on spray painting in shipyards that

Number Of Homeless In LA Continues To Rise


Because of its entertainment industry, Los Angeles has been hailed as a center for glitz and glamour, a place where dreams come true. Yet visitors to the city often see more than dreams on the streets and sidewalks of Los

Study: Breastfeeding May Lower Mothers’ Risk Of Heart Disease

The old adage of “breast is best” continues to hold water (or milk, as the case may be). It’s been long since lauded as the best way to boost a baby’s immunity and has been shown to reduce asthma, allergies,

Could You Fall Victim To a Credit Card Skimmer?

Credit cards stacked, old credit cards in brown and blue color

Credit cards hold a tremendous amount of data about an individual, with the ability to store up to 60 characters on a magnetic strip, including account numbers and names. So if one were to have that card stolen, it could

Essentia Health Invests $14 Million in Grand Rapids Clinic


With the American health care bill still up in the air, Americans continue to wait on seeking medical treatment until their conditions have become emergencies. Emergency room visits in the United States have grown to 110 million visits annually. And,