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Online Businesses Urge FCC To Keep Net Neutrality

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Online businesses are urging the U.S. Government to keep Net Neutrality rules. A letter written to the Federal Communications Commission on Monday, November 27 noted several Internet businesses including Twitter, Tumblr, Etsy, Reddit, AirBnb, and Shutterstock were advocating the FCC

Training Dentists to Work With Children Under the Age of One

Dentist teaching little boy bruching teeth in dental clinic

Dental hygiene may seem like one of the most important things you, as a parent, can do to help your child later in life. Many dentists say that children should have their first dental exam by the time they turn

2 Brilliant Gift Ideas For The Classy Dresser In Your Life

As the holidays approach with full force, it’s time for shoppers to start planning gift ideas and exchanges with friends and loved ones. While this is always well-intended and for the sole purpose of enjoyment and giving, there’s often a

Florida Supreme Court Does Away With Parts Of 2013 Medical Malpractice Law

Medical concept with stethoscope on keyboard

On Thursday, November 9, the Florida Supreme Court rejected sections of the state’s medical malpractice law. In a 4-3 decision, the state supreme court justices said the medical malpractice law could cause privacy issues in the disclosure of patients’ private

New Google Data Supports Theory Of Seasonal Human Hair Loss

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As if you didn’t have enough reasons to worry about losing your hair, seasonal hair loss may be normal, new data finds. According to a study recently published in the British Journal of Dermatology, hair loss experienced during the summer

NHTSA Data Shows Fatal Vehicle Accidents In U.S. At Nine-Year High


For the second year in a row, the number of fatal vehicle accidents in the U.S. has been at a nine-year high. Despite state investments in self-driving cars and additional safety features in new vehicles, the number of deadly accidents

Russian-Linked Facebook, Google Ads Spur Brand Safety Anxieties In Advertisers


Online tech giants are under fire from advertisers after causing significant problems with brand safety. According to NBC News, Facebook recently handed up to 3,000 advertisements over to Congress. These ads, through which Facebook had received a total of $100,000

3 Essential Tips To Help Your Business Implement A Successful Work-At-Home Policy

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It may sound surprising, but about 57% of organizations view employee retention as a problem. That’s an underlying reason why more and more employers are developing flexibility when it comes to accommodating their employees’ work styles. For many, this means

Researchers Desperately Trying To Reduce Data Center Energy Consumption

Server room in data center. Telecommunication equipment

About 54% of energy consumption in commercial buildings is used to power HVAC and water heating systems. In particularly hot and cold regions, that number can be even higher. However, in recent years an entirely new industry has emerged as

SEC Suffers Breach, Hackers Potentially Obtain Corporate Information

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No matter how information is stored, it’s important that it is stored securely. Many individuals still rely on paper for their important information, despite the fact that identity theft is more common with paper documents. However, that is not to