Can you see the electric assist motor on this bike?

When we reported on TreeHugger about an electric assist motor that converts a bicycle into stealth electric bike, a commenter wrote that “Does it really exist”?  To convince our commenter, we thought to write another article on the same subject. Whether you believe on us or not, but it is the truth that it’s there.

Actually, we had seen Vivax electric assist motor for the first time at Spezi bike show. The Cylindrical motor of the Vivax Assist has been thoughtfully engineered. It can be fitted into any bicycle for providing 200 watt boost. This motor is best for those commuters who used to commute in the hilly areas.

It goes without saying that the battery power of the motor is 5.5 Ah/30 V or 8.25 Ah/30V and it can be easily configured.  This motor is supposed to be torque-proof.  According to the product literature, the length of the motor is about 22 CM and once the motor is switched on, it will support till 90 rpm.

It is said that the price of this motor is around 2550 euro (US $3400) which is really expensive. But, it is expected that once the distribution market is expanded, price of the motor will go down.  Presently, this product is being sold across the Europe. No doubt, this product has a good future in the American market. Once the doors of U.S market are opened, this light-weight and invisible motor will boom in the international markets.

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