Arizona City Introduces Recycling App to Answer Waste Disposal Questions

It seems as if everything can be done on a smartphone these days, and in Flagstaff, AZ, recycling is no exception.

According to the Arizona Daily Sun, the city of Flagstaff introduced a new recycling app for smartphones last month, called my-waste. The app provides answers to several common questions regarding the recycling process.containers

One of the most notable features of my-waste is a search function that allows users to learn the recycling rules for specific products.

For example, a Flagstaff resident could search for the term “computer cord” to learn the best method of disposal for electronic cables. If the app alerts the user that an item is not recyclable, it will also display the preferred disposal locations.

The app has also been extremely useful in educating residents on how to dispose of hazardous materials and large, bulky appliances. Flagstaff officials hope to continue the app’s success, making the city more eco-friendly one smartphone tap at a time.

“While recycling is great in a lot of ways, the ultimate goal is to get people to prevent waste in the first place,” said McKenzie Jones, a sustainability specialist with the city.

Of all industries, recovery by recycling is the highest for containers and packaging, accounting for 39.9% of all recycled waste. For some reason, items like toys and electronics are recycled much less frequently, and the city of Flagstaff is hoping to change this misconception with my-waste.

According to ABC Australia, a couple of savvy students Down Under are set to unveil a recycling app that is almost identical to the one created by the city of Flagstaff.

Monash University students Stephen Halpin and Eleanor Meyer recently invented Sustain Me, a free mobile app in which users can get answers to their recycling questions.

“We like to call it the Google of recycling, that’s its first primary purpose,” said Halpin.

Considering the distance between Arizona and Australia, it’s safe to say that this is a classic case of parallel thinking.

Sustain Me’s creators are currently preparing for its national launch, which is set for sometime next month. Flagstaff’s my-waste already has 2,500 users, and the city hopes to share the app with surrounding areas in the near future.

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