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New Study Shows High Testosterone Can Treat Prostate Cancer

Researchers from the University of Washington and Johns Hopkin University have found evidence which suggests hormone replacement therapy can reduce cancer cell growth for patients with prostate cancer. Dr. Michael Schweizer of More »


T-Mobile Announces ‘Data Stash’ Plan for Unused Mobile Internet

Remember how important rollover minutes were in the days before unlimited calling plans? T-Mobile announced Dec. 16 that it will launch a similar program for data. “It’s your data,” T-Mobile CEO John More »

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Boy-Band Bankruptcy: How Dwindling Fame and Poor Investments Left These Boy Bands Broke

Rapper Notorious B.I.G. hit the nail on the head when he wrote “Mo Money Mo Problems.” The late 90s and early 2000s were the height of boy-band mania, allowing these pop music More »

Italian HVAC Supplier Expands Into the U.S. in 2015, in $6.1 Million Investment

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Thanks to the expansion of an Italian-based heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) company, Augusta County in Virginia will have 45 new jobs within the next year, nearly half of which will be available within the first quarter of 2015.Provides

Volvo’s Newest Hybrid Electric Bus Includes Silent Engine and 75% Less Carbon Emissions

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It’s no secret that energy efficiency is becoming one of the biggest concerns in the auto industry today. But even though industry experts have often noted that public transportation is significantly more environmentally friendly than driving individual cars, rarely do

5 Tips for Incoming Students

September means that students are flooding back to Hagerstown-area colleges. Here are some settling-in tips for students new to the Hagerstown area: Enjoy the City It’s easy to get wrapped up in campus life, but Hagerstown offers numerous restaurants and

Are You Facebook Friends With the Police?


If you’re not on social media, then chances are most of your friends and family are — a fact that police are using to their advantage. With an estimated 50-80% of all people from various demographics using some social network

How High-Tech Innovations Might Soon Be Able to Transform Your House Into a ‘Smart Home’


When looking at some of the emerging trends for home improvement technology, it might be safe to say you could soon have a smart home as well as a smartphone. Currently, Americans spend approximately $134 billion each quarter on improving

Across the Country, Volunteers Help Restore Homes for Veterans

On September 11, volunteers across the country helped show reverence for those who have served our country in a different way than usual. According to a September 11 Lockport Union-Sun and Journal article, the Home Depot-sponsored effort to fix up

Arrive Alive Simulation Gives HCC Students a Taste of Driving Distracted

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UNITE International gave students at Hagerstown Community College a startling demonstration of distracted driving on Thursday, as part of the organization’s Arrive Alive Tour. Students at HCC were put behind the wheel with cell phones as part of a driving

Reducing Childhood Obesity Should Include Federal Tax on Sweet Drinks, Research Shows

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Childhood obesity is hardly a new problem in the U.S., but now more so than ever before, researchers are striving to find new ways to encourage young Americans — and their parents — to be more conscious about their health.

Serial Robber Conducts $65,000 Dental Equipment Heist

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A man who stole some $65,000 worth of dental equipment from two Brooklyn dental offices late last month is wanted by law enforcement.According to a July 8 NY Post article, the thief stole enough equipment to be able to create his own

Temporary Jobs More Prevalent in B.C. Than in Previous Years, Says Report

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According to a new report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, an increasing number of people in British Columbia are working at temporary jobs.“The clear trend is temporary jobs that are unprotected and open for abuse,” said B.C. Federation