Arizona City Introduces Recycling App to Answer Waste Disposal Questions

It seems as if everything can be done on a smartphone these days, and in Flagstaff, AZ, recycling is no exception. According to the Arizona Daily Sun, the city of Flagstaff introduced More »

Utah Senator Takes a Stand Against Pornography

A Utah senator is taking a pronounced stand against pornography and is aiming to have the adult entertainment medium dubbed a ‘public health crisis.’ According to Senator Todd Weiler, pornography creates a More »

Tinder Adds STD Testing Resources

With one in 10 Americans reporting having used an online dating site or app, it’s safe to say that dating has gone digital. And while it may be easy for a potential More »

Pope Francis Just Made It Easier for Catholics To Get Annulments


Continuing his modernization of the Catholic church, Pope Francis announced on Tuesday, September 8 that there would be a major change in the Catholic annulment process, making it easier for married couples to separate and remarry in the church. The

U.S. Government Passes Regulations on Cell Phone Tracking for the First Time, Ever

Business woman using a smart phone

In an unprecedented move, the U.S. government recently cracked down on the use of mobile phone tracking devices. To use one of these devices, the U.S. Department of Justice stated, a warrant must first be obtained. The technology is known

Zero Injured After Frightening Roof Collapse at Popular NY Restaurant

caution-152926_1280 (1)

A scary situation at a popular New York lunch spot has left its owners and patrons in complete shock, unsure of the restaurant’s future. According to local New York news affiliate CBS2, an outdoor façade collapsed out of nowhere during

Researchers Find Protein Connected To Alzheimer’s Disease Is Transmittable Through Infected Tissue

Alzheimers disease word cloud

Alzheimer’s disease isn’t contagious, but new research suggests that specific proteins connected to the disease may actually be transmittable from one person to another under certain conditions. The finding is the first of its nature, and although the data is

Obama’s ‘Clean Power Plan’ Set to Do More Harm Than Good


Obama gave a very clear message in 2008 when asked how his energy policies would affect the costs of heating and cooling, saying they would “necessarily skyrocket.” He wasn’t lying. According to the Houston Chronicle, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Bus Stop Hit-and-Run Case Ends in $81,000 Settlement

Row of yellow school buses against autumn trees

Kelly Seannee Smith was a seven-year-old second-grader at Gibson Elementary School in Forsyth County, North Carolina when she was clipped by a passing car as she tried to board the school bus, in January of 2013. Edward Rashad Lee Fulks,

65-Year-Old German Woman Gives Birth To Quadruplets

Little Baby Doodles

In the United States, citizens over the age of 65 make up around 13% of the population, numbering just over 40 million in total. While these American seniors were preparing for retirement, a 65-year-old German woman was preparing for motherhood.

Powerball Winner Responds to Criticism Over $9 Million Spent Posting Bail


After North Carolina resident Marie Holmes won $188 million from her portion of a Powerball jackpot last February, things were looking up for the financially struggling mother of 4. As one of the 64 million Americans (about 35% of U.S.

Are Employers Finally Seeing the Benefits of Family Time?

Family with new house drawing

The internet exploded with a cheer of collective approval when Netflix announced that it would begin providing its employees with unlimited parental leave for up to one year; shortly after Netflix made the announcement, Adobe Systems announced that it would

New Mexico Private Schools in Battle to Save Public Funding of Textbooks


The debate over which is superior — private or public schooling — has gone on for almost as long as there has been formal education. Religious institutions have historically played a big role in establishing credible private options, especially in