Erasing Addiction

How Heroin Use and Addiction Became the American Epidemic

Heroin use, addiction and overdose has surged throughout the U.S. over the last decade — and the drug’s resurgence is closely linked with the country’s ongoing prescription drug epidemic, federal health officials More »

Silhouette of offshore jack up rig at sea during sunset

Is Canada’s Oil Really Worse Than America’s?

A new analysis reveals that oil extracted from Alberta, Canada’s tar sands will release as much as 20% more carbon into the atmosphere than gasoline and diesel extracted in the U.S. According More »

The White House, Washington DC United States

The White House Makes a Point By Installing Spikes on Its Fence, Allows Photography

More than two-thirds of American fencing profits come from residential properties. One American home in particular is going to get a major upgrade on its fence. The Associated Press reports that the More »

Powerball Winner Responds to Criticism Over $9 Million Spent Posting Bail


After North Carolina resident Marie Holmes won $188 million from her portion of a Powerball jackpot last February, things were looking up for the financially struggling mother of 4. As one of the 64 million Americans (about 35% of U.S.

Are Employers Finally Seeing the Benefits of Family Time?

Family with new house drawing

The internet exploded with a cheer of collective approval when Netflix announced that it would begin providing its employees with unlimited parental leave for up to one year; shortly after Netflix made the announcement, Adobe Systems announced that it would

New Mexico Private Schools in Battle to Save Public Funding of Textbooks


The debate over which is superior — private or public schooling — has gone on for almost as long as there has been formal education. Religious institutions have historically played a big role in establishing credible private options, especially in

Air Conditioning Can Get You Through The Extreme Summer Heat… If It’s Working

Air Conditioner Unit

The unbearable summer heat is here to stay, and it’s only going to get worse. “From Texas to Georgia, a number of areas have had streaks of triple digit temperatures in July and August,” CNN reports. “With little to no

This Oregon County Says No to Marijuana Businesses

medical marijuana sign

Although the state of Oregon has fully legalized cannabis, one northeastern county isn’t allowing businesses to set up shop. The Umatilla County Board has voted unanimously 3-0 on Wednesday to keep marijuana shops out of the county, following voters’ wishes.

Study Suggests Surprise Measure for Controlling Asthma

Athlete running road silhouette

It’s not unusual to hear doctors promoting more aerobic exercise because according to the latest official data, more than 80% of adults aren’t able to meet recommended guidelines for aerobic or strength-based activities. But a new study suggests that exercise

Millennials Inspire Recent Apartment Boom in Downtown Wilmington

modern apartments with a blue sky

Located just 30 miles south of Philadelphia on I-95, Delware’s largest city has become a hot spot for area millennials. Wilmington’s downtown district, formerly known for its pawnshops, check-cashing stores, and abandoned buildings is being reinvigorated by developers who are

K-Cup Inventor Says He Regrets His Famous Invention


Business Insider reports that the coffee industry is worth an estimated $100 billion U.S. dollars worldwide. Of this amount, a considerable portion is spent on K-Cups, the single-serving coffee pods that are used in Keurig machines and other coffee makers. But

Michigan Township Mends Fences With Its Fencing Rules

Wooden fence in the coutryside

A township in Michigan is looking to mend fences with its fencing rules. In April, Redford, MI will have a public hearing on proposed changes to the township’s rues on fencing, which include a new rule that would allow privacy

Are Nikki Reed’s Diamond Eternity Rings a Sign of Engagement to Beau Ian Somerhalder?

A woman is in the jewelry store

Actors Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder have been together for over a year, but only recently did celebrity news site Hollywood Life learn that the couple have been engaged. On Dec. 11, the couple walked the red carpet at Rihanna’s Diamond Ball,