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Younger, First-Time Owners Driving This Year’s Increase in Luxury Brand Car Sales

Luxury car sales are “booming,” says a report from, but it might not mean what you think it means for the economy.More recently, Time reported that overall new car sales rose More »


Google’s Latest Lawsuit Finds The Search Giant in Hot Water Over Street View Wiretapping

Google, which control the world’s search engine market with a 65-70 percent share, has been accused of wiretapping during their Google Street View mapping project. The United States Supreme Court is allowing More »


Shiatsu Massage Could Be the Perfect Treatment For Insomnia, New Research Suggests

  A new study from the University of Alberta suggests that shiatsu, the traditional Japanese massage method, may work as a non-pharmacologic sleep aid, particularly for people suffering from insomnia derived from chronic More »

Arrive Alive Simulation Gives HCC Students a Taste of Driving Distracted

Car driver woman

UNITE International gave students at Hagerstown Community College a startling demonstration of distracted driving on Thursday, as part of the organization’s Arrive Alive Tour. Students at HCC were put behind the wheel with cell phones as part of a driving

Reducing Childhood Obesity Should Include Federal Tax on Sweet Drinks, Research Shows

Carbonated drinks in plastic bottles

Childhood obesity is hardly a new problem in the U.S., but now more so than ever before, researchers are striving to find new ways to encourage young Americans — and their parents — to be more conscious about their health.

Serial Robber Conducts $65,000 Dental Equipment Heist

Dentistry office

A man who stole some $65,000 worth of dental equipment from two Brooklyn dental offices late last month is wanted by law enforcement.According to a July 8 NY Post article, the thief stole enough equipment to be able to create his own

Temporary Jobs More Prevalent in B.C. Than in Previous Years, Says Report

business people in a meeting at office

According to a new report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, an increasing number of people in British Columbia are working at temporary jobs.“The clear trend is temporary jobs that are unprotected and open for abuse,” said B.C. Federation

Pink 5.5 Carat Diamond Sells For More Than $9 Million


An oval pink diamond sold for $9.5 million at Christie’s New York Important Jewels sale on Tuesday, June 10. The light pink diamond was 5.5 carats. An original estimate placed the diamonds value at $7.5 million.  “Colored diamonds continued their

Couple Discovers 1,400 Buried Coins in Backyard, Worth at least $10 Million

Three months ago, a couple in Northern California discovered about 1,400 rare, mint-condition gold coins from the 19th century buried in their backyard — and on Tuesday evening, they auctioned off some of these coins at the Old San Francisco

Shape Magazine Refuses To Print Woman’s Picture After 172 Pound Weight Loss

Illinois blogger Brooke Birmingham shed 172 pounds. The blogger, understandably proud of her feat, happily responded to Shape magazine’s request to feature Birmingham’s story. The Illinois woman was not happy, however, when the magazine refused to print a picture of her in

Transit Oriented Development is the key to better cities

Transit Oriented Development

Since years, the builders of city have been demanding for transit adjustment development for coping with the growing population density. Today, after many years, the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy has announced a new TOD (Transit Oriented Development) concept. Actually, TOD

9 storey eco-friendly Melbourne apartment building goes up in 5 days

Melbourne skyline

While writing on what will be the world’s tallest modular building, I received a tweet from Australia: “Whilst progress stalls on NYC modular tower, 9-storey Melbourne building goes up in 5 days”. Basically, this building comprises 34 one bedrooms and

Times sets goals for city-wide yard sale

Yard Sale

The officials of Bowling Green Times are glad to announce that we are going to sale the Bowling Green city-wide yard. The annual event is supposed to be held on 7th June along with the Chamber of Commerce’s Park Day. In