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Bernie Sanders Officially Surpasses Hillary Clinton in Total Campaign Contributions

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders started his campaign with a steep financial hill to climb to compete with Hillary Clinton, but the Vermont Senator has finally leveled the playing field. According to More »


French Cave Art Recently Named Oldest in the World

Some of the world’s oldest prehistoric artwork was recently estimated to be at least 10,000 years older than previously thought. The cave drawings located in the Chauvet-Pont d’Arc cave in southeastern France More »

Expensive Fertility Drugs Being Sold and Distributed on the Black Market

Many couples will do just about anything when they are struggling to get pregnant. But new research shows that for some, buying prescription medications over the Internet through the black market is More »

Alien Fish Found in Cabo San Lucas


There may be something mysterious in the water in Cabo San Lucas. Illinois teen Scott McLaughlin has quite the fishy story to tell after a fishing trip ended with a really odd looking catch that some believe belongs in outer

Two Nuns Are Aiming to Heal With Medical Marijiuana


Two self-proclaimed nuns are on a mission to heal with medical marijuana. Sisters of the Valley nuns Darcy Johnson, 24, and Christine Meeusen, 55, believe in the healing powers of marijuana rich in cannabidiol. The sisters grow a variety of

Virtual Reality Looks to Transform the Advertising Agency

Virtual reality is finally here, and advertisers are looking at how to utilize this new technology. The advertising industry is always rapidly changing, and technology plays a major role in those changes. It was just a few years ago when

Environmental Group Claims ‘Fake Farm’ Being Used as Pollution Site by Power Plant

farm pollution

When the Clean Water Act was signed into law in 1972, it was meant to restrict businesses from polluting and contaminating their local environments. Whether or not the specifics of the legislation have done enough to satisfy environmental activists is

Certain Glass Art Colors Are Unavailable As Bullseye Glass Factory Deals With Adjusting Emissions Standards

A U.S. Forest Service study of heavy metals found trapped in moss tipped environmental regulators off to serious problems with toxic emissions coming from Bullseye Glass in Portland, OR. Upon further investigation of documents released under Oregon’s open records law,

Indiana HVAC Business Boycotts Carrier Over Move to Mexico

carrier corp

There was plenty of outrage when Carrier Corporation, the industrial systems and HVAC manufacturer, announced they were closing their Indiana facility, which had been open since the early 1950s. According to the ABC affiliate RTV6, there’s at least one business

Average Retirement Age Getting Older Among Americans

Portrait Of Senior Businesswoman

The standard retirement age in America has traditionally been 65 years of age. According to a University of Michigan Health and retirement study, that number only continues to increase as financial and personal stability are becoming more and more concerning

Clinton Takes on Controversial Student Loan Contractor as Sanders Continues to Attract Young Voters


Bernie Sanders has made an improbable run in the presidential race, essentially pulling neck-and-neck with presumed favorite Hillary Clinton. Now, Clinton is pulling out some of Sanders’s old tricks to gain support among millennials. According to the Huffington Post, Clinton

Arizona City Introduces Recycling App to Answer Waste Disposal Questions


It seems as if everything can be done on a smartphone these days, and in Flagstaff, AZ, recycling is no exception. According to the Arizona Daily Sun, the city of Flagstaff introduced a new recycling app for smartphones last month,

Utah Senator Takes a Stand Against Pornography

A Utah senator is taking a pronounced stand against pornography and is aiming to have the adult entertainment medium dubbed a ‘public health crisis.’ According to Senator Todd Weiler, pornography creates a “sexually toxic environment” in America and likens its