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You Won’t Believe What Happens When Preschoolers and Seniors Interact

When many people think of retirement communities, they envision a living situation in which the elderly are effectively sequestered away from other age groups. At one Seattle retirement home, however, this couldn’t More »


Eccentric Hobby Or Savvy Home Improvement Scheme?

A new wave of home improvement reality shows is documenting the international trend of outlandish garden shed designs. For some U.S. homeowners, imaginative garden sheds are simply an eccentric hobby, while others More »


Father Stunned After Louisiana Soldier Denied Burial At Arlington

The family of a Louisiana National Guardsman who died in a tragic helicopter training accident says it’s a “travesty” that their son will not be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. The U.S. More »

Study Suggests Surprise Measure for Controlling Asthma

Athlete running road silhouette

It’s not unusual to hear doctors promoting more aerobic exercise because according to the latest official data, more than 80% of adults aren’t able to meet recommended guidelines for aerobic or strength-based activities. But a new study suggests that exercise

Millennials Inspire Recent Apartment Boom in Downtown Wilmington

modern apartments with a blue sky

Located just 30 miles south of Philadelphia on I-95, Delware’s largest city has become a hot spot for area millennials. Wilmington’s downtown district, formerly known for its pawnshops, check-cashing stores, and abandoned buildings is being reinvigorated by developers who are

K-Cup Inventor Says He Regrets His Famous Invention


Business Insider reports that the coffee industry is worth an estimated $100 billion U.S. dollars worldwide. Of this amount, a considerable portion is spent on K-Cups, the single-serving coffee pods that are used in Keurig machines and other coffee makers. But

Michigan Township Mends Fences With Its Fencing Rules

Wooden fence in the coutryside

A township in Michigan is looking to mend fences with its fencing rules. In April, Redford, MI will have a public hearing on proposed changes to the township’s rues on fencing, which include a new rule that would allow privacy

Are Nikki Reed’s Diamond Eternity Rings a Sign of Engagement to Beau Ian Somerhalder?

A woman is in the jewelry store

Actors Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder have been together for over a year, but only recently did celebrity news site Hollywood Life learn that the couple have been engaged. On Dec. 11, the couple walked the red carpet at Rihanna’s Diamond Ball,

Italian HVAC Supplier Expands Into the U.S. in 2015, in $6.1 Million Investment

Opening up Floor Vent Heater

Thanks to the expansion of an Italian-based heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) company, Augusta County in Virginia will have 45 new jobs within the next year, nearly half of which will be available within the first quarter of 2015.Provides

Volvo’s Newest Hybrid Electric Bus Includes Silent Engine and 75% Less Carbon Emissions

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It’s no secret that energy efficiency is becoming one of the biggest concerns in the auto industry today. But even though industry experts have often noted that public transportation is significantly more environmentally friendly than driving individual cars, rarely do

5 Tips for Incoming Students

September means that students are flooding back to Hagerstown-area colleges. Here are some settling-in tips for students new to the Hagerstown area: Enjoy the City It’s easy to get wrapped up in campus life, but Hagerstown offers numerous restaurants and

Are You Facebook Friends With the Police?


If you’re not on social media, then chances are most of your friends and family are — a fact that police are using to their advantage. With an estimated 50-80% of all people from various demographics using some social network

How High-Tech Innovations Might Soon Be Able to Transform Your House Into a ‘Smart Home’


When looking at some of the emerging trends for home improvement technology, it might be safe to say you could soon have a smart home as well as a smartphone. Currently, Americans spend approximately $134 billion each quarter on improving