Why You Should Prepare Your Windows (Not Your Wallet) For Winter Now

crassula flower in pot on windowsillWinter is coming, so what better time than now to make sure your home is ready for the season by replacing your windows?

Yes, you may have windows that you just replaced last year and those may be fine, but there are a few things to look out for right before the holiday season to make sure your windows don’t need fixing or replacement.

Drafts or Breezes Near Window Panes

The Times Square Chronicles says that if there is a draft or breeze of any kind, you need to take a look at your windows. Chances are there may be a crack, or you just forgot to shut it all the way. If there is a crack, that is definitely something that you’ll want to repair as soon as possible. If you don’t and you frequently use the heat in the winter time, there’s no doubt that you’ll be losing money. One small crack can cost you quite a bit in lost heat!

Rattling Glass

If your windows are rattling, that may be another sign that they need replacing. for example, if it’s super windy out and your windows sound like someone is physically shaking the glass, that’s a sign that the wooden sashes and frames have warped over time. Rattling windows can also be a sign of air seeping through. Getting the windows replaced for this matter will also aid in making sure you’re not overspending on your heating bill.

Difficulty Opening and Closing Windows

If you notice that you’re having trouble opening and closing your window, you may need to replace them. If you seem to be giving all of your power into opening or closing your window, that’s a huge problem. Windows should be easy to open and shut. Especially in the winter, you’re going to want windows that work properly! Getting them fixed before the snow and ice hit is key.

It’s fairly late in the season, but if you’re still looking at that in-window air conditioning unit in the middle of November, you might have a problem. The New York Times says to make sure to remove that prior to the first snowfall. So pay attention to the weather and make sure you aren’t losing more money than you’re spending on your heat!

Window replacement isn’t only helpful during the winter months. In fact, if you replace your windows and sell your home, the replacement can actually recoup 73% to 77% of your home’s original cost. Keep that in mind when debating if you want to replace your windows or not. Don’t let your wallet suffer for your negligence.

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