Tax Credit Available For Those Who Choose Metal Roofing In 2016

Eco-friendly homeowners have long enjoyed the savings, in carbon waste and money, that some building choices bring them. Metal roofing has long been lauded as an extremely energy-efficient and eco-friendly roofing product — and now the U.S. Federal government has given homeowners another reason to celebrate metal roofs.

Homeowners who add metal roofs to their primary residences in 2016 are eligible for a $500 tax credit — and for those who chose metal in 2015, they can take advantage of a tax break.

Metal roofs these days are high-tech wonders, many of which feature highly reflective coatings that provide year-round relief from high energy costs. They also come in a variety of styles, including tiles, shakes, shingles, or standing seam panels.

To find out exactly which kind of metal roofing qualifies for tax credit, homeowners can check out the Metal Roofing Alliance website and do research before picking out a specific kind of metal roofing.

Homeowners should make sure to obtain a Manufacturer Certification Statement form your contractor for their roofing products. This signed statement from the manufacturer confirms that the metal roof qualifies for the tax credit and will need to be filed along with an IRS Form 5695.

“Consumers are making informed environmental choices for everything from the car the drive to the clothes they war. The roof you choose should also be evaluated for its sustainability. This new tax credit makes the decision even easier,” said Dick Bus, the president of the Metal Roofing Alliance. “A metal roof is a long term solution that increases the value of your home while reducing its environmental impact and lowering energy bills.”

The tax incentive is awesome, but those homeowners who have been on board with metal roofing know that it always offered a pay off; they are durable, easily installed, and reduce as much as 25% of annual energy bills. Not to mention, they can shed water and snow very easily during inclement weather.

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