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Rush Limbaugh Randomly Attacks Don Lemon for Being Gay

Gay flag painted on the face of a man

The CNN’s news anchor Don Lemon has blatantly called Rush Limbaugh a “stunt king”. Actually, the anchor used this title due to pathetic comments of Limbaugh. It is said that Limbaugh once told that “Donald Sterling did not have enough

Transit Oriented Development is the key to better cities

Transit Oriented Development

Since years, the builders of city have been demanding for transit adjustment development for coping with the growing population density. Today, after many years, the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy has announced a new TOD (Transit Oriented Development) concept. Actually, TOD

Times sets goals for city-wide yard sale

Yard Sale

The officials of Bowling Green Times are glad to announce that we are going to sale the Bowling Green city-wide yard. The annual event is supposed to be held on 7th June along with the Chamber of Commerce’s Park Day. In

Fight over minimum wage hike comes to a head in the Senate

minimum wages

The majority leader of the Senate Harry Reid, D-Nev spent many months to produce the bill for rising minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.  Though, the legislation on minimum wage is expected to be completed on Wednesday yet Reid would not be able