Shape Magazine Refuses To Print Woman’s Picture After 172 Pound Weight Loss

Illinois blogger Brooke Birmingham shed 172 pounds. The blogger, understandably proud of her feat, happily responded to Shape magazine’s request to feature Birmingham’s story. The Illinois woman was not happy, however, when the magazine refused to print a picture of her in a bikini, reportedly owing to her excess skin.

“When Birmingham sent them an ‘after’ bikini photo that showed excess skin around her midsection, she says Shape magazine asked her to cover up citing ‘editorial’ policy,” ABC News explains. Birmingham shared her reply to a Shape magazine representative: “It is my understanding that Shape is known for posting pictures of women in bikinis or even sports bras. This is my body after massive weight loss, and by refusing to show my body (or forcing me to hide it), Shape is giving women a false look at weight loss.” 

Following their request, Birmingham chose not to share her story with Shape. Birmingham describes the email interaction as “disrespectful” — and rightfully so. Less extreme amounts of weight loss can result in loose skin, too. “Even natural, gradual weight loss can leave extra skin that, in some cases, can only be fixed with surgery,” ABC continues.

Men and women with loose skin after significant weight loss have limited options. A combination of body acceptance and all-natural topical creams may be best. Collagen products stimulate peptide production and naturally tighten up excess skin. (Collagen creams also help eliminate wrinkles from too much sun. Large amounts of sun exposure damages skin, resulting in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.) The only remaining option for loose skin — surgery — can be expensive and painful. 

Shape later retracted their statements, citing a miscommunication between Birmingham and a freelance writer. The public response to Birmingham’s photo has been overwhelmingly supportive. “This woman is the perfect example of what women look like after major weight loss. I applaud her for being brave! We need to get away from airbrushed, photoshopped, surgically enhanced images,” one reader told Today.

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