Airport urges Rhode Islanders to vote local in JetBlue ‘green’ contest

Officials of T.F. Green Airport requested to the people of Rhode Island to give the state chance through social media votes for getting the “green space” public park. Actually, this contest had started in the first week of this month and the airliner was using it as a campaign for declaring April month as the “Earth Month”.

Rebecca Pazienza airport spokeswoman requested to the people of Rhode Island “Log on to your face book and vote for this project. Let’s make the green more greener”.  On the other hand, officials of JetBlue said that “we have been campaigning green initiatives since the last 7 years and every year we come up with a new idea”.

Apart from this, the New York based airline is also participating in a number of green-earth activities for getting the new green space for the community.  Besides, it has participated in community cleans up and plantation of tree programs in Boston, New York and in different parts of the country.

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