A Man and His Bible Survive a Flaming Car Wreck

After witnessing a driver and his Bible survive a potentially horrific car crash that resulted in the car bursting into flames, many on the scene are reporting that they saw a miracle — or rather, an act of divine intervention.

Car accidents can happen for a number of reasons. For example, while oil technology has made it so cars don’t have to change their oil every 3,000 miles, neglecting to change it can lead to accidents. In the case of this particularly holy incident, a man operating a Jeep on Memphis, Tennessee’s State Route 385 was sideswiped, causing it to fall off the road and tumble down a hill, where it hit a pole. The car quickly caught fire.

According to reports, several drivers immediately stopped and ran to the scene of the accident, trying their best to pull the man from the flaming vehicle. They soon discovered that the man was trapped in the driver’s seat, with the steering wheel pressed against his chest.

Luckily, an officer arrived on the scene and removed the driver from the clutches of the engulfed vehicle.

And somewhat miraculously, the man left the scene in non-critical condition.

What some would say is even more of a miracle is the only other item that was recovered intact from the accident: the man’s Holy Bible. Meanwhile, the rest of the car ended up in ashes.

Holy Bible

Many witnesses are now calling the close call and act of god.

“I just saw GOD on 385,” one witness posted on Facebook.

Another witness, Anita Irby wrote, “THE ENTIRE EXPRESSWAY STOPPED and people ran from their cars trying to break the windows and open the doors of this mans car to free him; as they were, the others went up in prayer for God to deliver this man from the paws of the devil.[…] None of the flames touched him.”

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