9 storey eco-friendly Melbourne apartment building goes up in 5 days

While writing on what will be the world’s tallest modular building, I received a tweet from Australia: “Whilst progress stalls on NYC modular tower, 9-storey Melbourne building goes up in 5 days”.

Basically, this building comprises 34 one bedrooms and 2 bedrooms over 9 level.  It was being constructed through Unitized Building system of Hickory Group which was developed by the architect Nonda Katsalidis.

Inevitably, there are plenty of benefits of modular construction. It is free from noise, disruption, waste and time troubles.  The officials of Hickory group do not reckon this construction as modular. They opine that we do not have fixed module size, however we cannot call it a modular. They further said that “we do not have height limitation; however our focus is on the completion of 70 storeys.

Besides, Marketing Manager of Hickory Group Nadia Salajic says that “we had hired a bunch of ex-auto manufacturing workers but they were not working as per the construction building standards”. Therefore, we had to leave them. She further says that “with the help of banks, architectures, and developers, a new industry for hybrid-workers can be developed”.

More at Hickory Group

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