Washington Entrepreneur Looking for Investors to Launch Her New Indestructible Dog Toy Invention

Dogs tend to chew on anything they can get their paws on, which forces pet owners to continually purchase expensive replacement toys. Now, an entrepreneur from Washington State is hoping to break this trend with an indestructible dog toy.

According to the Tri-City Herald, Hilary Kelsay spent more than $1,000 on dog toys in just a few months after adopting a scrappy Rhodesian ridgeback named Penny. While some may think she was spoiling the dog, Kelsay claims that the toys were necessary to keep Penny from gnawing on things inside her home.Two dogs playing with a ball.

“I’m buying a lot of dog toys to entertain her,” Kelsay said, “but within minutes the toys would just be destroyed.”

After trying several different varieties of dog toys, including those that are marketed as “indestructible,” Kelsay’s husband became frustrated with the amount of money being spent on Penny. When push came to shove, Kelsay used her entrepreneurial savvy to come up with an alternative solution that would appease both Penny and her husband.

When Penny began chewing on an old leather shoe, Kelsay got the idea to invent a near-indestructible dog toy of her own. After much experimentation, Kelsay invented Penny’s Loafer, an unbreakable dog toy that will be sold for just $29.99.

Penny’s Loafer resembles a shoe tree, which is placed inside of leather shoes to keep their shape. The heel of the toy features a removable plush piece that can be replaced with a squeaky insertable toy if needed.

Americans spent more than $50 billion on their beloved dogs and other animal companions, so Kelsay should have no problems selling her innovative new product. But first, Kelsay needs investors to fund the initial stages of manufacturing since vendors require cash to produce them in large quantities.

Hundreds of dog owners have already pre-ordered the toy online, proving that demand will be high for the product once it is made available. Considering the support she has already received, Kelsay feels confident that she will raise the needed funds within the next couple of months.

“As an entrepreneur, to only have this barrier is nothing,” she said.

Kelsay’s invention should be an immediate smash hit when it hits the market, particularly among people with young puppies. According to the FDL Reporter, young dogs are typically so full of energy that they chew on anything they can find, from pillows to electric cords.

To combat this constant biting, many dog owners have to spend several months training their puppies with reward-based activities and the occasional scolding. With Penny’s Loafers, some owners may forgo this intensive training altogether as their dog happily chews on an indestructible toy.

Pending the results of her investor search, Kelsay plans on officially launching Penny’s Loafers in June or July. If all goes well, indestructible dog toys could completely change the way that pet owners do their shopping.

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