Video: Is This Glass Skateboard the Worst Idea in Skating History?

maxresdefaultIs this glass skateboard really the worst idea in skating history, or a hilarious idea tailor made for the YouTube generation?

Judging from a new viral video, the answer is definitely both.

Braille Skateboarding is a popular YouTube channel for the 11 million people who skate regularly. The channel has a popular series called “You Build It, We Skate It,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

For the July 9 installment, skateboarding company Avenue Trucks designed a glass skateboarding deck, which is the main part of the board and is typically made from maple wood and has a polyurethane coating for strength. Avenue Trucks normally designs trucks, the part of the board that connects the deck to the wheels and makes many tricks possible.

Except for being totally transparent, the glass deck is the same size and shape of a normal skateboard and actually looks awesome. After attaching the trucks and wheels, Braille Skateboarding takes the glass skateboard for a ride.

After a few cautious laps around a skate park, the rider tries a more adventurous trick — and immediately shatters the glass as he falls flat onto his face. In a matter of minutes, the “Extremely Dangerous Glass Skateboard” certainly lived up to its name, though the YouTube team seemed to enjoy breaking in the new board.

Already, the glass skateboard video has gone viral, racking up 1.25 million views in fewer than three days online.

Previous installments of the popular YouTube series include episodes like “Full Metal Skateboard,” “Kickflipping a Surfboard,” “Skateboarding on an iPad,” and “Skateboarding a Flatscreen TV,” all of which are also exactly what they sound like.

According to the glass skateboarding video’s official description:

“Thanks to Avenue Trucks for making us this beautiful glass skateboard. You can check out their website at If you guys have something you would like to send to us for this series please send a picture of it and any details to:”

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