The Traditional Nativity Scene Just Got a 21st Century Update

nativityChristmas is traditionally associated with presents, Santa, carols and beautifully lit Christmas trees and other decorations. One of the most classic decorations associated with the holiday is the nativity scene. One retailer loved this scene so much that they thought it could use a good 21st century update.

Modern Nativity has recently released the “Hipster Nativity Set” on its website, and shoppers far and wide are sharing the link to this quirky take on a traditionally religious scene.
The product description reads, “A lot has changed in the last 2,000 years … If you love Amazon Prime, and have no idea what frankincense and myrrh are, this is the Nativity set for you.”

Not surprisingly, millennials in particular have gotten a kick out of this item. In truth, 50% of millennials report browsing online for items that they don’t necessarily plan on purchasing. While this might not be a necessity, per se, it’s certainly a novelty that a fair few have considered buying.

Although with a price tag of $129.99, it may not be the most cost effective gift for the holiday season.

The website certainly goes all out in promoting the product. No detail was left out of the parody scene: the traditional cow and sheep, a shepherd, Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus, and the three wise men. Yet every piece there features a crazy twist.

The cow is eating out of a trough labeled “gluten-free feed” and sports a “100% organic” brand on its flank. The sheep, meanwhile, is clothed in an ironic patterned sweater and placed next to the shepherd, who only has eyes for his iPad.

Joseph and Mary are posing with baby Jesus for a selfie, sure to go on Instagram. As the product description states, “It wouldn’t be a modern day birth if at least one person wasn’t putting it on Instagram.”

Finally, the three wise men have arrived on noble Segways, bearing their gifts for the child in the form of Amazon Prime boxes. Maybe frankincense is eligible for Prime shipping?

As the final touch, the stable itself even has solar panels on the roof. It may not be a traditional nativity scene, but it’s definitely been entertaining the masses this holiday shopping season.

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