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Couple Discovers 1,400 Buried Coins in Backyard, Worth at least $10 Million

Three months ago, a couple in Northern California discovered about 1,400 rare, mint-condition gold coins from the 19th century buried in their backyard — and on Tuesday evening, they auctioned off some of these coins at the Old San Francisco

Times sets goals for city-wide yard sale

Yard Sale

The officials of Bowling Green Times are glad to announce that we are going to sale the Bowling Green city-wide yard. The annual event is supposed to be held on 7th June along with the Chamber of Commerce’s Park Day. In

Fight over minimum wage hike comes to a head in the Senate

minimum wages

The majority leader of the Senate Harry Reid, D-Nev spent many months to produce the bill for rising minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.  Though, the legislation on minimum wage is expected to be completed on Wednesday yet Reid would not be able