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Can you see the electric assist motor on this bike?

electric bicycles

When we reported on TreeHugger about an electric assist motor that converts a bicycle into stealth electric bike, a commenter wrote that “Does it really exist”?  To convince our commenter, we thought to write another article on the same subject. Whether

9 storey eco-friendly Melbourne apartment building goes up in 5 days

Melbourne skyline

While writing on what will be the world’s tallest modular building, I received a tweet from Australia: “Whilst progress stalls on NYC modular tower, 9-storey Melbourne building goes up in 5 days”. Basically, this building comprises 34 one bedrooms and

Airport urges Rhode Islanders to vote local in JetBlue ‘green’ contest

think green

Officials of T.F. Green Airport requested to the people of Rhode Island to give the state chance through social media votes for getting the “green space” public park. Actually, this contest had started in the first week of this month