Realtor Purchases Mansion For $900,000, Lists For $1.9 Million

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Realtor Dave Kooistra, who has flipped and sold at least 10 properties in the last 15 years, recently purchased a mansion for $900,000 and then listed it for $1.9 million after doing a bit of work on the interior.

The mansion was built by a couple in the late 1990s and cost nearly $6 million when it was first constructed. The couple later passed away in the early part of the 2000s, and the home lingered on the market for several years as the asking price fell.

The mansion had only three bedrooms and a rather dated decor when Kooistra first purchased it.

“We hired six guys working full-time for eight days to remove the wallpaper,” says Kooistra.
In addition, boxes of angelic cherubs were removed from the cabinetry. The outdated kitchen and bathrooms were gutted and renovated, and he replaced all of the 144 halogen lamps in the ceiling canister fixtures.

Some of the work that was done in the house included resurfacing the entirety of the heated garage with a new epoxy coating, to prolong its lifespan by several years. He also refreshed the entire house with new paint and updated decor.

“Every square inch of this house has been repainted,” said Kooistra.

The realtor believes that the home is worth more than his asking price, but would be happy to see it go for it. The amount of work put into the home was substantial, and he would like to get a profit while he can.

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