Prisoner Lodges Cell Phone Up Pelvis, Caught on X-Ray

Vector illustration of a man lock up in prisonTypically, cell phone users carry their mobile devices in their pockets, their bags, and their hands. This technology can be addicting, and one prisoner in England went to great lengths to bring his cell phone behind bars with him.

Stephen Cavanagh had just been admitted into Manchester’s Strangeways prison in the United Kingdom, and had recently placed his cell phone up near his bladder to smuggle it into jail.

However, he soon started experiencing intense stomach pains. Prison doctors thought he could have gallstones, so they decided to X-ray him. In a moment of forgetfulness, Cavanagh forgot to remove the incriminating object before heading to the doctor.

What they found soon blew them away. An x-ray of his pelvic region showed “a very clear picture of a mobile phone with the keypad, screen, and speaker” according to Digital Trends.

However, Cavanagh refused to believe the doctors when they told him what they found. He was confident his secret was still safe, until prison correction officers had to show him the x-ray that gave him away.

So, the prisoner was taken to segregation to eject the phone from his system, and he then had to immediately flush the phone down the toilet. After the entire ordeal, a quick swipe from a security wand proved nothing metallic remained in his system.

As a gift for his efforts, Cavanagh was given an extra six months to his sentence.

This isn’t the first time doctors have found random objects inside the human body. A diamond ring was found inside a cocker spaniel, and small scissors were in a person’s throat. Sewing needles, a drill bit, and a television remote were also among objects that have been accidentally lodged in patients bodies.

Overall, a 3D x-ray is meant to see even the smallest of foreign objects inside your body. With these types of X-rays, they can see the inside of a casting can be seen to find a defect, crack, void, hole, or even porosity. Moreover, the measurement of this porosity is easily determined with the percent porosity in the part.

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