Penn State Hosts 5K Event For Cancer Research

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The Pennsylvania State University hosted its first annual Race to Relay 5K event in order to raise money for April’s Relay For Life.

Penn State’s The Daily Collegian reports that on Sunday, March 22nd, more than 200 students participated in the race. The race raised money for next month’s Relay For Life, a 24-hour fundraising event that in turn raises money for cancer awareness and research.

“I really love running for a good cause and I thought Race to Relay would be a good way to do it,” freshman Morgan Gannon said. “I first heard about Relay For Life in high school, and today I’m running with the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences.”

The participants ran either for themselves or on behalf of an organization, according to senior Toni Mastropieri, the fundraising chairperson of Relay For Life. The intention of the sponsorship was to encourage more students and groups to enter the race as well as the Relay For Life.

“I’m actually running with my organization called SuperHeroes for Kids,” said freshman Paige Campbell. “I always wanted to get involved with Relay For Life and to get more active running races. So this is perfect, because it’s a combination of both.”

The Relay For Life saw over 1,000 students sign up online, and the organizers hope to attract even more people this year.

Two Penn State organizations, the Association of Residence Hall Students and the Blue and White Society, worked with the Relay For Life organizers to create the 5k race. The registration was $15, and they raised over $2,000.

“We felt like a 5K would be great to raise money and be fun,” Mastropieri said. “Although the first year is always the hardest, it turned out really well and we are definitely excited to make it a new tradition every year.”

She went on to say that if April’s Relay For Life reaches its projected fundraising goal this year, it will have raised more than $1 million since 2004. The 5K event itself was planned last April but didn’t come into fruition until last September. 5K events are popular social events and are used often for fundraisers.

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