Organization Leaders Abusing Power, Taking Advantage of Logistical Errors

The United State’s economy loses an estimated $7.4 billion per day (or 50 million hours) due to improperly filled out time sheets. Individual employees are usually behind any intentional errors, as a way to earn a few more pennies each paycheck, but major corporations and leaders around the country are also being dishonest when it comes to some of the logistical aspects of business.

In Iowa, a special investigation found intentional overfilling by Parenting Way organization, a nonprofit that serves Boone and Story Counties.

“What our investigation found was that there was over $66,450 in improper disbursements … which did not agree with the employee time sheets,” said Deputy State Auditor Tami Kusian. “The amounts billed were in excess of what was being supported by time sheets, so Parenting Way would then receive additional funds from these two nonprofits, BooST and CARES, probably more than they were entitled to based on their supporting documentation.”

Additionally, the Observer reports that former Paterson Mayer Jose “Joey” Torres was recently sentenced to five years in prison by a state Superior Court judge after he was caught taking advantage of taxpayer dollars.

Torres, who served as mayor for nearly 11 years in non-consecutive terms, pleaded guilty to using on-duty city employees for private work at a warehouse that his family owns. These employees were on duty at the time Torres directed them to complete private work, which meant that taxpayers, rather than Torres himself, actually shouldered the cost of their wages.

“Torres thought he was above the law and is now on his way to prison,” Attorney General Chris Porrino said in a statement.

Torres faces the maximum sentence and will likely apply for supervised release after six months.

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