Moving Becomes a Lot Less Stressful for Those Who Can Afford It, Thanks to White Glove Moving Companies

Almost everyone hates moving. With 40 million people in the U.S. moving each year, this high stress experience is shared by many. For anyone who has had to strain and sweat under the weight of heavy furniture, or who hates the sound of packing tape unfurling, realizing that a move is forthcoming might be a less than exciting prospect.

It’s at this point that companies like FlatRate Elite, which operates in multiple U.S. cities, steps in to help. FlatRate Elite is a luxury division of the company FlatRate Moving, and they offer a white gloved version of the moving experience. 

Customers who hate having to call multiple companies to disconnect their utilities can now outsource that task for just $500 per day. And for movers who want to do absolutely nothing — no budgeting, interviewing potential moving companies, or taking a look around the home to get an estimate of how much space is needed in the moving van, there is now someone who can do that for them at $180 hourly, thanks to another company named NouvelleView.

“We oversee every aspect, from the initial strategic plan to seeing that every box is unpacked,” explains Pamela Muller, who is an owner of NouvelleView. The average customer pays between $6,000 and $9,000 for their services. While some of us might question just how valuable services like this could be, users like Stephanie Foster refer to it as a “godsend.” She said that “it is extremely helpful,” and notes that NouvelleView created a complete inventory for her of what she owns, so that moving is no longer an experience characterized by boxes of unknown items that sit in a basement purgatory.

Part of the company’s appeal among higher-end clients is that they are experienced with handling delicate and expensive pieces, such as paintings, sculptures and antiques that many owners might not want to leave for a regular moving company to handle. “When I do a move, I move art pieces and antique furniture to dresses and underwear, and I need someone that can handle all of that,” said Cassie Alves, who uses FlatRate Elite for work with an estate he manages.

While white glove moving services might never be the go-to option for the regular Joe mover, it’s likely to continue being a service in demand among the upper-crust for many years to come.

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