Houston Man Ordered to Pay Thousands in Child Support for Child That Isn’t Even His

MoneyOne Texas man is being ordered to pay thousands in child custody for a child that isn’t his.

Gabriel Cornejo of Houston has been ordered to pay $65,000 to an ex-girlfriend for late child custody payments for a 16-year-old. Cornejo has only met the teen once.

Back in 2003, a Texas court ruled that Cornejo had to pay child support to Carel Stith for the teen who will remain unnamed. At the time, there was no DNA test administered because the mother vowed Cornejo was the only person who could be the father. However, Cornejo was not made aware of this decision and was never contacted about how much he owed.

Cornejo is currently raising his own three children and two nephews and claims that he was only made aware of the late payments when he was served papers saying that the state of Texas listed him as having another child. Confused, he took a DNA test and found out that the teen isn’t his.

However, the state of Texas and the teen’s mother still want the $65,000. While it may sound far-fetched, according to Texas family law, the man in question must pay any and all back payments of child support up until the time that the DNA test proved he was not the father. Fox News reports that Stith claims Cornejo knew all about the child support as money was taken out of his paycheck several years ago and he didn’t do anything about it. But according to Cornejo’s lawyer, only $31 was taken out three times, so it was too arbitrary an amount for him to notice.

So while 29% of custody cases are made without any third party involvement, Cornejo is getting as many people involved as he can. His lawyer is trying to get a Houston judge to reopen the case as the original court order cannot be changed. If the judge does not re-try the case, Cornejo will be forced to pay the entire sum or spend time in jail.

The judge is set to make a decision on whether or not to reopen the case next month.

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