How High-Tech Innovations Might Soon Be Able to Transform Your House Into a ‘Smart Home’

When looking at some of the emerging trends for home improvement technology, it might be safe to say you could soon have a smart home as well as a smartphone.

Currently, Americans spend approximately $134 billion each quarter on improving their homes — and, according to a September 8 article, these billions may soon be spent on increasingly high-tech improvement projects.

Companies like Nest and Control4 are … helping to usher in the new era of the smart home that enables residents to control almost all aspects of the home environment, such as climate, lighting and security, from a single interface,” the article states. “What’s more, this rapidly growing smart home field is in the midst of being able to control these interior elements from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, allowing the home to become more efficient, which ultimately amounts to increased savings.”

The thought of being able to control your home’s temperature from your phone probably sounds like something out of a movie — but this kind of technology is moving increasingly closer to becoming a reality for homeowners and apartment renters alike. In addition to Nest and Control 4, companies like Comcast and ATandT are also working on bringing this home automation technology to life.

Another company committed to pioneering smart home technology is Samsung. And, according to a September 5 article, Samsung is at the forefront of advancements that would allow your house to brew you a cup of coffee as you wake up, and suggest recipes that will use up ingredients that are close to going bad.

The article reports that by 2018, experts expect Americans will be spending some $100 billion on smart home technology, and as many as 45 million smart home systems will be in use every day by the people living inside them.

Smart homes are still very much a thing of the future — but it’s a future that’s approaching faster than you might think.

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