Great White Label SEO

In order to understand white label SEO, it is first necessary to understand what white label in general means. Once this is understood, white label SEO becomes that much easier to comprehend. In fact, it is a rather straight forward kind of partnership between two businesses. It is a clean business and it doesn’t have all sorts of marriages in products and services. Basically, one company handles one aspect of the business while the other company handles the other. Although it is not always used in the business world, for a company that sells products online, it might be a good idea to take advantage of white label SEO.

White Label SEO

What is White Label?

White label is when a company the products a product or offers a service has a different marketing company rebrand and handle all of the marketing. Essentially, the production company has no input with how the marketer works. They might be able to add in a pointer here or there or give their own insights from time to time, but the marketing firm doesn’t need to take any of this into consideration. They are the experts in marketing while the other company is the expert in production. This way, a company doesn’t need to expand its walls, bring in new professionals and attempt to market itself. It lets another company handle it at all. It would be similar to if Coke simply made the soft drink but allowed a completely different firm to market it. The firm might think it is best to market it directly to convenient stores or to larger industries. Smaller businesses without the kind of funding required to expand to different business entities may look at taking advantage of white label until it is able to stand on its own two feet and market itself. It doesn’t have to, but by splitting up the production process from the manufacturing process, the business owner doesn’t have to worry about dealing with the company’s own marketing divisions.

Usually, the only real information the marketing company may require once the marketing platforms have started are sales figures. The white sale marketing company might request sales figures to see what marketing platforms are working and what are not. Regardless though, once a set contract is signed, the marketing firm is in charge of all marketing of the manufacturing company’s product until the contract expires or there is a clause that allows one of the two companies to walk away.

What is White Label SEO?

White label SEO works in the same way as any other business white label, only with this a company is basically outsourcing all of its written SEO content. It might have a product or service it wants to market, but instead of creating its own content or having an SEO service provider come in and tweak the material, they simply tell the SEO reseller what products it sells and some general information, the white label SEO then takes care of the rest. While the company that owns the website does ultimately have the final say in what is posted on the website or not, the SEO reseller creates the content and sends it to the website owner for posting. The amount of reading over and editing done to the content may vary from one website owner to the next, but really it just comes down to how much reading the company wants to do. It is not typically recommended to heavily edit what the white label SEO reseller provides, as this might alter the keywords or other information included, rendering the material useless. Due to this, many companies give direct posting access to the white label SEO reseller. This way, once the content has been created the company then just posts it to the website.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing such material is really a good idea for smaller companies who do not have the time or energy to stay on top of the ever changing world of SEO. So, it is far easier to simply have the white label SEO service provider create original content to be posted to the website. It also saves the website owner time in creating the content in the first place. It provides the initial information about the services it provides and the outsource provider does all the rest.

How to Select an SEO Reseller?

It all comes down to turnaround and results. This is important, especially with a website that produces a large amount of written content in a short period of time. Some SEO service providers sit on the content after receiving product orders, which can put the website admin in a bind for posting. Secondly, it is important for the white label SEO reseller to actually deliver on results. Without delivering on results it really does not matter how fast the person or business turns around with the content. By looking over these two variables, it is possible to find the best SEO reseller for the job.

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