Fight over minimum wage hike comes to a head in the Senate

The majority leader of the Senate Harry Reid, D-Nev spent many months to produce the bill for rising minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.  Though, the legislation on minimum wage is expected to be completed on Wednesday yet Reid would not be able to get GOP votes. It is said that democrats has intentionally delayed the legislation for using it as political gimmick in the midterm election.

It goes without saying Reid had also brought this minimum wage issue last year but it could not be legislated due to other pending bills in the senate. Most of the senators think that this is not the right time to bring this issue up. But, for the bringing the minimum wage vote up, Reid needs to get support of six other Republicans to begin with the process.

Reid says that the minimum hourly wage should be $10.10 an hour for putting the nation above the poverty line.  On the other hand, Sen. Susan Collins had categorically said that she would vote against this bill. It is said that if this bill is implemented, there will be adverse effects on the low-wage workers.

Apart from this, most of the senators hold the view that Reid has come up with this bill to score some political points.  On the contrary, Reid had already predicted that his opponents would not even bother to discuss the issue and democrats want to use this minimum wage bill as a political trail.

Besides, Congressional Budget Office study claims that the raise of minimum wage would cost more than 500,000 jobs. However, it must not be taken up for votes.  But, Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa who authored this bill disagree with this study. He says that this bill will help more than 28 million people of the country.

Last but not the least, the president of United States will talk on this bill on Wednesday and  experts hold the opinion that it is going to be delayed because democrats have already decided to use it for political campaigns.

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