Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley Weighs in on Clinton’s Manufacturing Plan

As the primaries draw nearer, the debates are heating up, and the public wants to know how the presidential candidates are going to help create jobs for the many Americans who are in need of a living wage. In Ohio, this is especially a pressing issue. Although the Dayton region is slowly making its way out of the Recession — even outpacing Ohio’s overall job growth — it is not yet time to rest.
Rather, many citizens of Dayton are still struggling to find careers that offer living wages and will allow them to support their families.
In the debates, the Republicans have all but steered clear of the subject of creating high-quality jobs for American citizens. However, Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton made a point to address the issue, outlining a new manufacturing plan, and Ohio citizens are weighing in.
Nan Whaley is the mayor of Dayton, Ohio. In a recent op-ed piece written for, she reflected on the importance of Hliary’s new manufacturing plan and what it means for Ohio.
“It funnels long-term investment to hard-hit industries like automotive and steel, especially in cities facing mass layoffs. In short, Clinton’s plan creates jobs – good-paying, middle-class jobs,” writes Whaley.
Manufacturing jobs are lucrative to support most American families. According to statistics, manufacturing jobs pay 8 to 20% higher than jobs in other industries. In Dayton itself, manufacturing accounts for almost 2,400 companies, employing 114,000 people, and with a payroll amount to $6.1 billion annually.


And despite the potential that this industry offers, producing almost half of U.S. exports, it is currently suffering, largely due to the 20% higher structural costs faced by these companies.
“It’s both central to and centered in our city,” Whaley says. “Draw a circle reaching 500 miles from Dayton and you’ll encompass roughly 60 percent of U.S. manufacturing.”
Clinton’s political career reflects how greatly she puts manufacturing as a priority in her campaigns. In the past, she fought the Bush Administration in order to preserve money for manufacturing.
It looks like Hilary Clinton might have Ohio’s vote.

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