Commuter ‘Spin Bus’ Coming Soon to London’s Streets

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With a commute to and from work sandwiched between an eight- to nine-hour workday, it can be fairly difficult to get your daily fix of cardio. As is, studies reveal that only 20.6% of Americans get the total daily recommended amount of exercise. And while 66% of men and 56% of women in the U.K. claim to get their daily recommended dose of exercise, these self-reported statistics are often unreliable and likely hold a much lower number in reality.
But now, one British fitness company is looking to help London commuters get their workout in while on their commute by turning city buses into mobile spin classes.
Conceptualized by 1Rebel, a London-based fitness company, the passengers would participate in an early morning spin class that lasts a total of 45 minutes. Then, the bus would stop at 1Rebel’s studio, where participants would be able to shower off and enjoy a smoothie before heading off to a busy day at work.
The bus, slated to be called “Ride2Rebel,” will from and to four pickup points in north, south, east, and west London.
“For those who want the components of a class but perhaps don’t have the time to commit during the day, this provides a great solution for them to maximise time they would otherwise be spending just travelling to work,” said James Balfour, one of the studio’s founders.
According to Mashable, the fitness company is currently negotiating with bus companies. However, in order for the mobile exercise bus to become a reality, it would have to receive sign-off from the government. If it does, the spin bus is expected to launch after summer 2016.
And if this idea takes off, perhaps it will pedal its way across the pond onto American streets. After all, there are 16,000 shuttle vans and buses working for shuttle services across the United States.

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