Across the Country, Volunteers Help Restore Homes for Veterans

On September 11, volunteers across the country helped show reverence for those who have served our country in a different way than usual.

According to a September 11 Lockport Union-Sun and Journal article, the Home Depot-sponsored effort to fix up veterans’ homes will continue through Veterans Day and will focus on 1,000 homes.

Along with volunteers from Home Depot’s “Team Depot” associate-led volunteer organization, many people volunteered through Americorps, and many more joined on their own accord. Examples of renovations and repairs include new doors and windows, bathroom improvements, flooring replacement, new HVAC systems and more, the Lockport Union-Sun and Journal article reported..

For veterans living in the Northeast, having a garage is typically beneficial — especially for those with physical disabilities, who may be unable to brush the snow and scrape the ice off their car every morning. Naturally, garages also protect cars from rust and damage from the elements, as well.

When many veterans return home from service, they find that re-assimilating to the lives they led can be a challenge — especially for those with PTSD. In many cases, taking the initiative to repair their own homes can be a major cause of stress and financial burden.

“Being in the military, this kind of stuff hit home. I have a lot friends that went overseas,” Libby Aday, a volunteer from the Home Depot, told WGRZ 2. “I have a lot of friends who are struggling with PTSD, can’t get on their feet, so helping our community so close to home, right here, and the Home Depot doing it on top of that, it’s just something great for us to do.”

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