2 Brilliant Gift Ideas For The Classy Dresser In Your Life

As the holidays approach with full force, it’s time for shoppers to start planning gift ideas and exchanges with friends and loved ones. While this is always well-intended and for the sole purpose of enjoyment and giving, there’s often a level of pressure associated with trying to find that picture perfect gift that will make the recipient’s eyes light up with awe and appreciation. Here are just a few apparel- and accessory-based gift ideas that are perfect for anybody who enjoys class and sophistication.

Bow Tie

A bow tie is a quirky and unique gift for anybody who enjoys wearing suits. While neckties are more common and ‘traditional,’ bow ties add a level of pizazz that no necktie can beat. And considering the fact that 66% of men say that wearing suits makes them feel more confident, there will be plenty of opportunities to wear a bow tie in order to add to the aesthetic and the confidence that comes with it!

“There’s something about the bow tie. It’s sharp. It just looks different. It’s clean, and I feel like people think I’m friendlier. Maybe it’s the Facebook factor. We like to be liked. We like for people to smile around us, to be friendly to us. For me, the bow tie is that,” explained avid bow tie enthusiast, business professor, and director of experiential learning at Trinity University in San Antonio, Jacob Tingle, to the Daily Beast.


A wristwatch is another classic gift that adds to virtually any ensemble. Whether silver, gold, or any other color or material, the right wristwatch can truly bring an outfit to life. They make the perfect gifts for anybody who wants to add appeal to their wardrobe using accessories.

If you’re not sure what type of watch to get for the classy dresser in your life, consider your budget first. A “gold-plated” watch has a coating of a gold alloy over a base metal by either electro-depositing and/or a chemical process. Recommended minimum thickness should be 10 microns thick. Gold-plated watches are ideal for providing a classy and luxurious look without the cost that typically comes with it.

If you’re worried that the classy dresser in your life has too many watches to appreciate receiving another, consider stepping up the class by visiting an antique store or designer outlet and purchasing a pocket watch. They’re incredibly unique, often one-of-a-kind, and are an absolutely priceless gift for anyone who enjoys class.

Ultimately, finding the right gifts this holiday season isn’t an impossible task, but it does come with difficulty. Use these considerations to show your classy friend or family member just how much you care!

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