Arsonist at Las Vegas Trump Hotel Simply Looking for Mischief to Get Into

Every year, hotel and motel fires cause a whopping $76 million in property loss. Luckily for President Trump, the recent intentionally set fires in his Las Vegas Trump International Hotel didn’t result in any major problems but did put his hotel back on the media scene.

Earlier last week, Roger Fraley, 28, was arrested after he was found intentionally setting mini fires throughout the hotelfire. Police found that Fraley had stuffed paper towels into toasters both on the pool deck and two additional bathroom suites on the 17th floor in hopes of creating a fire to consume to the hotel.

Hotel staff first got suspicious after a hotel employee saw Fraley leave an area marked Private Employee Only carrying two toasters. He fled after the employee approached him, then when she went after him, she saw smoke coming out of the pool deck’s bathrooms.

Security apprehended Fraley when he left the hotel elevators, and a fight ensued. Officers received minor injuries when detaining Fraley and once the police arrived, he was taken into custody on counts of arson and burglary.

Police state that Fraley first gave a fake name to officers, Rick Anthony Oliveras, and that he was simply visiting the hotel and immediately upon entering the hotel’s lobby he was beaten up by a group of 10 different people. After a few hours, Fraley recanted his story and claimed he had not slept in a while and was delirious.

Additionally, Fraley stated to the police that he walked into the hotel simply to see what kind of mischief he could get into and was inspired by seeing a row of toasters on a shelf.

Fraley is currently being held at the Clark County Detention Center and will have his first court appearance the first week of May. Police are quick to note that they don’t believe that his arson attempt was not politically motivated.

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